The two designers met  at the Vienna Art School where they live and work. They were partly inspired by the Pipilotto Rist song " Im a Victim of this song".

 Another reason to this collection is the desire to work together, to get to know eachother a little better through creation.

They worked in close relation with the official fabrics partner of the festival, Punto Sena, and from it they got a wide range of patterns on beautiful and crisp silk garments.

The result is a collection impossible to resume through only one influence…

We think at first there is japanese, indian influences, then the colors and a few others patterns make you think it is close to a nordic sense of colours and fashion : it proves they managed together to make a collection from a new origin...

This collection is clearly playful, joyful, in any way very positive, thanks to the great colours selection.

I really liked their approach of clothing, and their ability to give you the will to slow down the rhythm of your own life to spend a dreamy moment. One of the best catwalk moment as well!